After the withdrawal of the Turks, the Austrians occupy the city of Arad. The city fortress will be rebuilt and reinforced with bastions after the plan of Eugeniu de Savoya. This fortress will be later demolished and a new fortress is built, in Vauban style (1765-1783). At the beginning of the 18th century the city of Arad is the centre of the frontier area. The population increases faster and the city becomes an important agrarian, handicraft and commercial centre.
  In 1834 the city of Arad becomes a "free royal town". The revolution from 1848 is the first major historical moment linked to the city of Arad. Under the siege of the Hungarian revolutionary army, the imperial troops of the garrison in the fortress bombed the city for nine month, daily.  
In the spring of 1849, the revolutionary army succeeds to occupy the fortress for 46 days before the Russian and Austrian imperial army to encircle and force the Hungarian army to surrender.
 The Austrian troops incarcerate in the fortress 500 officers of the revolutionary army, most of them being sentenced to death. Among them, 13 generals of the Hungarian army were executed on the 6th of October 1849. Therefore, the city of Arad can be considered the place where the Hungarian revolution was defeated.
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