In 1989, the Romanian economy was on the verge of disaster. The communist regime has left behind a hyper centralised system, total absence of private initiatives, low productivity, outdated, polluting and energy wasting technologies, a destroyed infrastructure and oversized labour force with " proletariat dictatorship" mentality.
   The starting point in solving all these problems was the development of the market economy. The industrial restructuring, the privatisation of the state owned companies and attraction of foreign investments played an important role in this painful and long process. Among the "victims" of transition towards the market economy we can find factories of long tradition (UTA - textiles, ARIS - tool-machines). Though privatised, the former food industry enterprises undergo a severe decline (meat and milk processing, sugar production).
  Despite these failures, after 1989, due to the opening and active involvement of the local public administration and Chamber of Commerce in the economical development policies and their commitment in attracting foreign investments, the city of Arad develops above national average.
   The successful privatisation of several important factories (Astra Vagoane -railcars-overtaken by Trinity Industries Inc., USA, Arbema -brewery, overtaken by Brau Union AG, Austria), the investments in new industrial factories by attracting foreign and domestic investors has contributed to the economical restart of the city. A reason of these successful endeavours in the city is its strategic geographical location. The city of Arad is the main entrance gate in Romania coming from the European Union and the most important trans- European road and rail transportation junction in western Romania, included in the 4th Pan-European Corridor linking Western Europe to South-Eastern European and Middle East countries. Another element of attraction is the extended infrastructure, the qualified labour force and the rich industrial tradition. Not in the least we have to mention the successful implementation of the project.

Chamber of Commerce, Industry and

Arad Economical Development Zone promoted by the Arad Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture in partnership with the local public administration.
   The project includes the set up of the Arad Industrial Zone and Logistic Centre, the Cargo Terminal at the Arad International Airport, the Arad International Fair and Arad Free Zone - Curtici. A part of this project, respectively the Arad Industrial Zone and Free Zone Arad-Curtici have already been achieved while the other objectives are in an advanced stage of completion.
   The Arad Industrial Zone has been inaugurated in 1999, covers a surface of 15 sqm and up to the first half of year 2001, production and storage facilities have been erected for 10 companies. The amount of utilities and infrastructure investments exceeds 1.5 million USD and over 2000 jobs have been created.
   We must mention as well the two projects for construction of residential areas, "Western District" and "Subcetate" with a capacity of over 1000 houses and apartments.
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